Medical Device Industry

All raw materials and subsequent processes that go into a finished product for the Medical Device Industry must first be analyzed and approved before production. Healthcare products is a multi-billion dollar a year business that encompasses the globe. Gavco Plastics has worked closely with Engineers and Doctors within the medical field to turn concepts and ideas into working products to better serve the healthcare industry. Gavco Plastics has produced cuvettes, kidney dialysis products, surgical kit components and rehabilitation devices used in the medical field.


Even though Gavco has had our Aerospace Certification since 2005, to better serve our medical clients and obtain the level of trust needed, Gavco decided to take the extra steps to become ISO 13485 Medical Device certified. Gavco obtained our ISO 13485 certification on February 12, 2010. The management team at Gavco made this commitment with expectations of growing our product line with our clientele base. Our aspirations have been fulfilled with the growth of our medical device products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can be very competitive in tooling cost and product pricing versus taking the business out of the United States. Traceability from raw material through product realization is an FDA requirement.


Located in the Heartland of America, Gavco Plastics offers value added services to all of our clients. Gavco’s main Injection Molding facility has capabilities of producing parts from 1 gram to 12 pounds. Gavco’s 18 Injection Molding Machines range from 85 to 850 metric tons. Thermoformed products are also a part of Gavco Plastics production capabilities, (see our Thermoforming Page for details). Our Assembly Facility handles all secondary operations such as silk-screening, pad printing, product assembly, electronic component assembly and custom packaging. Our Logistics department can ship your product anywhere on the globe. We also offer local transportation.