Food Service Industry

Food Service products come in an array of different material requirements and testing specifications. From FDA – approved Polyethylene to break resistant clear Polycarbonates, the diversity of product is specific to the end use. The rugged Polyethylene endures constant heavy use in extreme temperature variations. From various meat packing plants, product is packaged in these totes at quick freezing temperatures, then shipped to the end user and then back to the packing plant, where sterilization and a repeat of the entire process goes on and on. Most Polycarbonates food containers are hot stamped with built-in markings in US and Metric. The smooth surfaces make sterilization and re-use a breeze.


Industry standards for FDA approved totes not only require impact compliancy, but weight is also a factor. Specified Falling Dart test not only assure the buyer of quality products, but the end user also. Statistical Process Control on tote impacts helps monitor the reliability of the tool and subsequent products throughout its life. Traceability from raw material through product realization is an FDA requirement.


Located in the Heartland of America, Gavco Plastics offers value added services to all of our clients. Gavco’s main Injection Molding facility has capabilities of producing parts from 1 gram to 12 pounds. Gavco’s 18 Injection Molding Machines range from 85 to 850 metric tons. Thermoformed products are also a part of Gavco Plastics production capabilities, (see our Thermoforming Page for details). Our Assembly Facility handles all secondary operations such as silk-screening, pad printing, product assembly, electronic component assembly and custom packaging. Our Logistics department can ship your product anywhere on the globe. We also offer local transportation.