Automotive Industry

At Gavco Plastics adversity is the status quo, running engineering grade plastics from 50% glass filled nylon for dimensional accuracy and longevity, to thermoplastic rubber, a member of the high performance elastomer family. Products made for the automotive industry have to use engineered plastics that can withstand extremes in temperature, weather conditions and can be recycled at the END OF LIFE. The Gavco Team has been helping Automotive OEM manufacturers for years in consultation and amendments of initial drawings and concepts. Once a design has been approved by the client then the Gavco Team will pursue competitive tooling quotes to find the best possible pricing for our client. Samples of the product are sent to Gavco for Quality review while the tool is sill at the tool maker. If last minute adjustments are necessary they can be made before the tool ships to Gavco for production.


Automotive PPAP’s (Production Parts Approval Process) are among the most stringent requirements for validation of product. Callouts for Roundness on pulleys can be in the 70 to 90 Micron UCL range for a dimensional specification. PPAP approval is a ten step program that includes the following:

  1. Production Part Submission Warrant.
  2. Sample parts from each cavity of a mold, normally 300 parts devided by the cavitations
  3. Numbered Blueprint
  4. Dimentional Layout of all parts from the cavitations
  5. Material and performance test results
  6. Process flow diagram
  7. Process Failure and Effects Mode
  8. Control Plan
  9. Process Capability Studies, normally 30 parts of all S (special) and all C (critical) dimensions
  10. Gage Reliability and Repeatability, Measurement Study system

Located in the Heartland of America, Gavco Plastics offers value added services to all of our clients. Gavco’s main Injection Molding facility has capabilities of producing parts from 1 gram to 12 pounds. Gavco’s 18 Injection Molding Machines range from 85 to 850 metric tons. Thermoformed products are also a part of Gavco Plastics production capabilities, (see our Thermoforming Page for details). Our Assembly Facility handles all secondary operations such as silk-screening, pad printing, product assembly, electronic component assembly and custom packaging. Our Logistics department can ship your product anywhere on the globe. We also offer local transportation.